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“Y-Yeah!” he agrees sheepishly. “Let’s go in…er…after you.” he allows, or rather begs.

Feliciano nods and knocks on the door and once the voice inside bids them enter, he opens the door and steps in, waving the other in behind him “Ciao, sir! He wants to join the student council! There are still spaces open, right?”

Alfred steps behind you, peeking over slightly and the old woman from your shoulder. He gulps, waiting for her to scream something like “no!” out at him. It’s irrational, but he can’t help it.

The woman greets Feliciano with a bit of a smile. “Oh, the student council? Yes there are still spaces open, though there’s no main positions left to fill.” Feliciano just nodded with a smile. “That’s fine, right? He just really wants to be able to help out around here!” It was probably best to leave out the detail of a crush being involved.

The American’s quick to nod, more than willing to take up any small opening he can. “Mhmm!” he agrees softly, reaching back to scratch at his neck. That hadn’t been so hard…



Alfred musters up a polite smile for the man before him, giving him a small wave. “Oh, hey!” he replies.

Aaron likewise mirrors the smile, inclining his head in a polite nod. “Hello to you as well.”

"So," the word rolls of his tongue before he can even think up something to follow it with. "How…erm…are things?” he settles for after a brief moment, an uneasy chuckle accompanying it.



“I’m good,” he settles for after a moment, really wishing he could pin a name to the face before him. “And you?”

“I’m well, thank ya..” She watches him curiously for a moment, “I’m Clementine, it’s a pleasure to meet ya.”

"Clementine?" Someway, somehow the name rings a bell. He dismisses it though for now. “The name’s Alfred.” he returns, outstretching your hand. “The pleasure’s all mine.”

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France is not a rapist.

Prussia is not a crazy pervert.

Spain is not a pedophile.

Russia is not abusive.

Canada is not suicidal.

Thank you. Have a good day.

America is not an idiot.

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She’d thought the blonde looked familiar, however she hadn’t really put any thought into it until he’d spoken. Obviously it was Alfred, apparently lost again.

“Ah dunnae if Ah want-tae tell ye where ye are,” she noted, looking more than a little amused and crossing her arms. “Where do ye think ye are?”

He scrunches his nose, obviously having to put some thought into this. “Uh…halfway between Nowhere and that tree over there.” he decides on a whim, pointing behind him. A pause. “I honestly don’t know, dude.” he confesses after a moment.




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